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Enjoy Shopping your dream Indian products from FOI

  • Free Sign Up
  • 30 days free storage space
  • Shop from any online stores from India
  • Ease of multiple online shopping from India
  • Large & famous variety of products listed at FOI
  • FOI brings great offers & prices with reduced shipment
  • Multiple shopping shipped as combined single shipment
  • Online Indian Shopping is easy , secure & affordable
  • Indian shopping is shipped to your international address
  • Your Indian shopping assured of on time delivery
  • Available tracking facility from shopping , packing to delivery
  • 24/7 customer service available to address customer issues


  • Your online shopping shipment is dropped at FOI office for assessment, re-packing, re-shipment and combined into single shipment (multiple shipments) to be shipped to your international address.
  • Corrugated box or a rigid carton of adequate strength.
  • The weight specification of the carton is recorded.
  • No over-stuffing it and do not exceed the weight specification.
  • Internal protection with adequate cushioning material.
  • Strong tape of at least 2″-3” wide designed for shipping.
  • Proper labelling that clearly shows Origin and Destination address, including phone numbers and PIN codes.
The following items are not accepted for carriage by freight.
  • Liquid , semi-liquid , gases
  • Flammable, Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition.
  • All Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA.
  • Corpses cremated or disinterred remains.
  • Perishables (Food and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control).
  • Gambling Devices: Lottery tickets and gambling devices prohibited by national, provincial, state or local law.
  • Live animals and plants (Note: Cut flowers are acceptable for Canada).
  • Money (Coins, Cash currency, Paper money and Negotiable Instruments.
  • Pornographic material.
  • Radio-active Material.
  • Drugs
  • Machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries
  • Any shipment which is likely to cause damage to equipment, personnel or other shipments.
  • Any shipment which may require the carrier to obtain a license for its transportation.
  • Dry ICE needs to be book in separate packing with UN9 Sticker.
  • Any item whose carriage is prohibited by any law, statute or regulations of the country of origin or
  • destination, or of any country through which the shipment may transit.
  • You can check in service provider portal on tracking your order


Fame of India (FoI) brings to its shoppers the delight of easy, simple and cost effective shipping services A unique service for shoppers or consumers to ship their document/package/merchandise or consignment within India or out of India; anywhere globally.


Online Shopping from India and Shipped Globally.



Shipments from India to be delivered globally.


City 2 City

Shipments within India between different cities.

Predominantly our services extend beyond International shoppers residing out of India who want to shop Indian products from India to consumers and business firms within India.
  • B2B: Business to Business
  • C2C: Consumer to Consumer
  • B2C: Business to Consumer
  • C2B: Consumer to Business

Who is it for?

  • International Retailer Shoppers
  • International Business Importers
  • Corporates for Gifts
  • Business enterprises / retails shops
  • Merchant importer
  • Large Malls / Markets

How it Works?

  • Use sign up for free FOl virtual Address.
  • Once registered you will be provided with a #unique locker number along with India virtual address (FoI office).
  • Start shopping from any Indian e-shopping websites listed either on FoI or other.
  • Enter India virtual address (FoI office) for dropping your shopping merchandises / shipment.

i. We assess your merchandise for weightage, customs and consolidate all merchandise for repacking and reshipping.

ii. We calculate the best shipment options:
Courier : 01-03 days delivery for 0.1 -10 kgs
Postal : 10-25 days delivery for 0.1-0.6 Kgs
Manged postal: 10-25 days delivery for 0.6-2.0 kgs
Freight : Air / Sea

iii. We inform you of the shipment charges and once the payment received to FoI designated bank account.

iv. On receipt of the payment, your shipment is shipped to your international

  • Relax and sit back as your shipment arrives as per the shipment timeline agreed. You can track your shipment transit.
  • FoI will keep you posted from day one your shipment arrives at FoI and reshipped and delivered to your international address.

Our dedicated Support Team will be at your service to support you over email/WhatsApp & Call Claimers: All Indian clearance and customs will be responsibility of FoI; any clearance or customs required at the country of delivery (international) will be responsible of the shopper / buyer at his end.

About Fame of India (FoI)

“Indian shopping, globally delivered”.
Fame of India (FoI) is an Indian shopping portal having listed more than 25,000 e-shopping portals on its web page that you love and trust to shop.
FoI brings to its international shoppers a treasure of exotic, authentic, traditional and fresh Indian products for you to shop making shopping easy, fun, convenient, simple and hassle free for globally shipping.

About Team

Fame of India is an initiative of Hunolabs Communicationa Bangalore (India) based firms having specialization in e-business concept projects with other web based on going projects. The team consists of strong technical personnel with core skills in IoT, IT and logistics .The Logistic department under the division TFE logistics (TFELOGISTICS.IN)catering to small, medium & large couriers, shipmentsand customs clearance .The TFE has over 8 years of experience and expertise in international shipments.

Our Team Associates Globally:

  • Mr. F. Bhaktiar
    USA: California
  • Mr. A. Waleed
    UK: London
  • Mr. S. Hong Eun
    S KOREA: Seoul
  • Mr. M. Aejaz
    UAE: Dubai
  • Ms. M. Nikhat
    S ARABIA: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


  • As soon as you register with FOI, you will be provided you with a Shop-Drop-Ship (SDS) India address for delivering your India shopping material for reshipment to your international door delivery.
  • Use this SDS India address when purchasing your items from any online/offline retailer in India Is the Address unique for every International Shipper?
  • Yes! On registering with FOI you will be provided with a Unique Personal Identification Number (UPAN) along with SDS India address along for identifying and tracking your shipment.
  • Mention SDS India address and UPAN as delivery point when buying in India online / offline store.
  • Yes! The sign-up is free and valid for a period of 60 days
  • We will hold your shopping products in our Bangalore, India ware for 60 days after that it is chargeable. How does it work?
  • It is very simple. We’ll provide you with shop-drop-ship India address which you will use for all your online purchases to be delivered in India. Once your package arrives at the FOI reship centre; on arrival you will be notified by email and by mobile, which will include all the package information.
  • After this, simply select your package, the method of shipment and the carrier of your choice to send the parcel to you. You can find more information on our “How it works” page.
  • If you wish to consolidate your package with other packages you have had delivered to FOI office, you can do so. You need to just fill out additional information stating the contents of the package and its value that is to be consolidated and reshipped to your international address
  • Please note that the maximum weight we can accept per invoice is 50 lbs / 25 kgs per item and maximum dimension no larger than 60 inches / 150 cms .
  • India Customs clearance and other government formalities services are provided free within India but if any duty or taxes applicable with India then the importer will pay directly.
  • International Customs duties, if applicable in their country import (international delivery) destination will be borne by the importer/shopper. What do you do with the original packaging?
  • It’s completely up to you. You can either choose to have all your items sent in the original packaging, or you can also choose to discard the packaging before sending it. Generally, we will try to send the package in its original package (like for iPhones, CD’s, beauty products etc) .
  • It’s completely upStandard packing provided free upto 5 kgs per invoice.
  • Above >5kgs chargeable and if special or customised packing required additional.
  • We have partnered with more than dozen couriers to ship your packages.
  • ARAMEX – FedEx - BLUE DART – Ecom Express - Gati –DHL – DTDC-Professional-Falcon
  • Yes! We assist and consolidate your bulk shopping as shopper or drop shipping to be shipped to your international address.
  • Mail us the details to get back with most convenient and economical package
  • Currently we are accepting wire transfer to our bank account –“Hunolabs Communications”.
  • We will shortly introduce payment gateway, Credit & Debit cards online.
  • You can track the shipment movement online
  • Also you will be informed of all the shipment movement from the time of receiving your shopping merchandise till delivery to your international address by email and WhatsApp/sms

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